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The project “Integrated Regional Climate Lab North Jakarta and Port (JaC-Lab)” is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). It aims at establishing a bi-national and interdisciplinary network to support the Region of North Jakarta in developing and implementing a sustainable urban development strategy. Considering climate change as an overarching challenge for all sectors, JaC-Lab examines a variety of interwind areas such as mobility, logistics and supply chain, ecosystem services, environmental management, and capacity building of communities. The issues will be approached in a co-creative manner and using smart solutions. Integrating perspectives and visions of stakeholders from the quadruple helix — government, business, academy, and civil society —, the consortium will be creating a new future narrative for a more sustainable and resilient Jakarta. Measures to preserve, improve or create a social, economic and ecological fair and balanced urban environment will be addressed and upscaled based on the co-created narratives. JaC-Lab will be growing to become an active physical and virtual space — based in and owned by Jakarta — where channels of open innovation and co-creative design will continue operating and reach out active change agents all over Jakarta. Our journey starts with local solutions, experiments and interventions in the region of North Jakarta (local level), however aiming for a wider systemic transition on the upscale level of urban planning. Fundamental levers of transition management are addressed via decision-making frameworks, multiplication of alternative practices and open institutionalisations of governance.

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